Welcome to Delaware Mobile Surf-Fishermen!    ANNUAL DMS Surf Fishing Tournament is hosting Fish Tales Friday 3 -7PM sponsored by Doug Bozer Excavation. Join us for FOOD, FELLOWSHIP AND FUN!  Volunteers are needed for judging the tournament.

DMS Officers and Directors

The 2021 DMS Elected Officers:
President - Clark Evans
1st Vice-President - Shaun Smith
2nd Vice-President - Jeff Stickle
3rd Vice-President - Keith Schmerier
Treasurer - Dave Betts
Secretary - Deb Weichardt
Assistant Secretary - George Mood

Elected Directors:
Chris Ludlow
Todd Smith
Bill Weichardt

These Officers and Directors assume their duties at the January 2021 meeting of the DMS.

2021 Appointed Directors
Margaret Mood - Membership Secretary
Bruce West -  Director

2021 Committees
Committes for 2021 will be at the January General Meeting. You will note there are a few positions to be filled
Any DMS member in good standing may become a Chair or a member of a committee.  You can help the club by becoming a committe member. 
Contact Clark Evans if you wish to serve: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The 2021 Committees (with the Chair listed first) are:

Adopt-A-Highway –
Annual Dinner – 
Beach Clean-up –
Beach Grass Planting – 
By-Laws – 
Club Supplies –
Cook Shack – 
Courtesy Patrol – 
Facebook - 
Fall Feast –  
Fund Raising - 
Juniors - 
Legislative - 
Meet & Greet –  
Newsletter – 
Nominations – 
Photography – 
Scholarship – 
Sunshine – 
Special Olympics - 
Tournaments – 
Vets Fishing – 
Website –
Summer Picnic - 

Some committes, such as the Tournament Committee, need a number of people.  If you want to fill one of those positions and bring your energy to the Club,  contact us via the CONTACT US form here on the website or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DMS Code of Ethics

Strict adherence to the Code of Ethics as hereinafter provided is required by everybody while on the beaches, whether he is in a vehicle or not. Violation and disregard of the Code of Ethics of the D.M.S. could seriously harm the beach beyond repair.

  1. To enter and leave beaches in prescribed ways.
  2. To eliminate speeding and reckless driving and observe the posted speed limits at all times and observe a speed limit of not more than 15 M.P.H when approaching other vehicles and pedestrians.
  3. To respect local, state and National ordinances and the rights of property owners, particularly in regard to camping.
  4. To offer aid to any fisherman or mobile unit in trouble on the beach
  5. To respect picnicking and bathing groups by (a) avoiding them whenever possible and (b) slowing to minimum speed when passing picnicking or bathing groups.
  6. To avoid littering the beach with trash, beer cans, etc., by using trash barrels when available, or by removing from the beach.
  7. To leave no dead fish or bait of any kind above the high water mark. Throw dead fish and bait back into the surf where they will be found by gulls and other scavengers.
  8. To use public toilets when available or self-contained units owned by other members or others and to refrain at all times from using any portion of the public beach for toilet purposes.
  9. To avoid overcrowding of any one area and elbowing other fishermen out of their chosen spots, This is particularly important where surfmen without mobile units are concentrated.
  10. To leave the track when a halt is made, so that other buggies will not be forced to detour.
  11. To fill in holes after getting stuck and to avoid indiscriminately criss-crossing tracks.
  12. To observe the rules of common courtesy on the beach.
  13. To simplify passing of vehicles meeting head-on on a single track, the driver who has the dunes on the right will be required to turn out of the track. This rule to be tempered by common sense in difficult circumstances.
  14. Operator of the vehicle must be behind the steering wheel when the vehicle is in motion.
  15. “Hot Rodding” is dangerous and is prohibited.
  16. Do not drive at night without lights, but when approaching fishermen, drive behind them and avoid shining lights on the fishermen and water.
  17. Members will fish in such a manner, so as to nor block the best driving roadway. (like, don’t put Rods & Car so as to block all of the hard sand on low tide or across the buggy tracks), so other fishermen may move up or down the beach with ease. Fish as close as possible to water’s edge.
  18. At no time will any vehicle be allowed on or to cross over sand hills or dunes or dune line except at the prescribed points.

Updated 01-08-19