Cast for a Cure Team Surf Fishing Tournament will be held Saturday, May 21, on the Fenwick Island State Park beaches see details below.

Delaware Mobile Surf-Fishermen

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Visability Recruitment Participation

2021 DMS Invitational results

After being lost in cyberspace, the results of the 15th annual DMS Invitational Surf Fishing Tournament can be found here.


2022 Surf tags go on sale February 1

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) has scheduled the sale of surf fishing permits to start February 1, 2022 at 10:00 am.
Regular annual passes, such as those used use for entering the parks with your car, will go on sale February 15th.
There are 2 kinds of surf tags that permit you to drive on certain designated areas of beach.
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Feb 1 update:  2022 standard surf fishing tags sold out by 1:45 PM  
02-01-22 gm

2022 FIN Numbers now available

Yes, the Surf Fishing VehicleTag owner does not need a General Fishing License (GFL) when fishing from the vehicle, but a GFL-exempt angler over 16 is still required to obtain a FIN number.
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Your DMS Officers and Directors

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16th Annual DMS Invitational Tournament

The 15th Annual DMS Invitational Surf Fishing Tourmant will be held October 7,8 & 9, 2022
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DMS Courtesy Patrol

We are looking for new DMS Courtesy Patrol members. Being on the Courtesy Patrol is a good way to get out on the beach, show the public some of what DMS does for surf fishing, and help assure people know the rules and techniques for driving on the beach.
Courtesy Patrol members explain what DMS does to help keep our beaches open to OSV (Over the Sand Vehicle) surf anglers while working directly with DNREC officials, and our state legislators. We explain what “Keepers of the Beach” means environmentally, by being involved in planning routine beach cleanups, and assisting in the annual planting of dune grass.
We also emphasize the importance of airing down the vehicle’s tires which enables the vehicle to “float” on the sand and explain other beach driving techniques. The Courtesy Patrol assists DNREC officers and volunteers. When crossing checks are performed, they ensure permit holders have all the proper gear and paperwork necessary to drive on the beaches. The Patrol also assists pulling out vehicles that have become stuck in the sand.
Included in our review of beach protocol, we explain how joining DMS automatically makes the person a member of UMAPA, which is the national umbrella group of all surf angling groups like DMS. UMAPA works at the local, state, and federal entities to preserve the right of surf anglers to drive on our beaches along the Atlantic seaboard.
If you think you would like to work with the Courtesy Patrol please give me a call. ​​​​​​​
William Christy ​​​​​​​DMS # 268 ​​​​​​​Phone: 302-393-3998

2022 State Park updates

CLICK HERE for info on updates on work done at the beach parks>

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2022 DMS Election Results

Clark Evans returns as the President for DMS for 2022.
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Results of the 14th Annual DMS Invitational

Click here!  Congratulations to those that earned a prize.
A big THANK YOU for your support to the over 190 anglers that fished the event.




Updated 02-22-22 gm