DMS Intra-club Tournament 2023


Delaware Mobile Surf-Fishermen 2023 Intra-Club Tournament
Held during the month of April, this members-only tournament is for the most
sought-after award - bragging rights!
Largest fish receives a trophy which will be presented at the Summer Picnic in
Fishing areas include Beach Plum Island (Broadkill Beach), Cape Henlopen,
Delaware Seashore and Fenwick Island . All fish must be measured (ruler
displayed) and photographed. Legal fish must be documented and emailed to
Keith Schmierer or Shaun Smith.
Shaun Smith email:
Keith W Schmierer email:
Legal Fish:
Bluefish NO minimum Kingfish 13 inches
Black Drum 16 inches Red Drum 20-27 inches
Striper 28-35 inches
Please send all photos within 24 hours of catch.
We will be posting standings weekly on the DMS website and Facebook page.
All entries must be sent in by May 1, 2023, midnight to be eligible to score.
Ties will be decided the greatest number of fish caught and total length.
Any questions? Email Shaun or Keith.

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