New Members in March

Becoming a DMS Member

DMS has 3 types of membership: Adult, Youth and Life. Upon application, each aspiring member is voted upon at the General Meeting by the DMS members in attendance. Once approved as a member, that person is assigned a DMS number and is issued a DMS Member card and a DMS Member tag with the membership number stamped into the tag. The initial fee for membership is $35.00 per year. The annual membership renewal fee is $25.00 for the calendar year. Dues are payable by January 1 each year, with a 60 day grace period for renewing to remain a member in good standing without penalty.

DMS Youth Membership initial dues are $10.00, with annual dues of $5.00 for each calendar year. Youth members receive a DMS Youth Meber card, a DMS Youth Member tag and a t-shirt. Youth membership is open to any child under the age of 17 and must be sponsored by a DMS member in good standing. While a Youth member does not have to be related to the sponsor, many Youth Members are the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of our adult members.

Use this form to join the DMS Club - or renew your active membership - today!

DMS members and persons wishing to join DMS are strongley urged fo abide with the DMS Code of Ethics.

Life Membership in the DMS is open to any person who has been a member in good standing for 10 years. The fee for becoming a Life member is 10 times the existing annual membership fee. The current Life Member fee is $250.00. Life members receive a laminated Life Member card. Once accepted as a Life Member, that person is not assessed annual dues.

To become a DMS member at any level, contact our  Membership Secretary, Marge Mood, via email: