President's Message

Here is the President's Message as posted in the January-February 2022 edition of the DMS Newsletter: 

Hi all!!!

I hope you had a great Holiday Season and that your New Year is off to a good start!!!

COVID 19 permitting, I am hoping that 2022 will be a very active year for DMS. In addition to our usual activities, I am planning three major points of emphasis for the club.

1. The first is Visibility. The goal is to keep DMS at the top of everyone’s mind on beach issues in the public eye.

2. The second point of emphasis is Recruitment. We need to grow our membership!! Increasing our Visibility will help to achieve this goal.

3. The third point of emphasis is Participation. We need more participation in activities and committees from our existing membership.

These three topics will be a recurring theme in future newsletters and at meetings.

Finally, I want to thank the family of DMS Founding Father Russel Hudson for conveying to me DMS #1. It was quite the unexpected honor and I look forward to carrying on Russel’s legacy.

Clark Evans