In the summer of 1958, a group of like minded fishermen gathered in the garage of Russell “Chocup” Hudson in order to discuss the formation of a new fishing club. These fishermen were a group of friends who liked getting together to camp, fish or just gather and shoot the bull. Along with them were members of the Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association, who were asked to attend to help organize a new Club. On that day, the Delaware Beach Buggy Association, as it was then known, was founded. Its BY-LAWS were taken from those of the Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association and remain in effect to this day.

A lot of things were different in the early days. The beaches were under the control of the Department Transportation and no permits of any kind were required to access the beaches. Fishermen would go out on Friday and stay till Sunday. Bonfires were held on Saturday evenings, where all the kids from the group would cook hot dogs and roast marshmallow’s until time for bed. The adults may have stayed-up till midnight or later talking about fishing or whatever. In those days there may be 40 to 50 campers on the beach from the Club fishing and just having fun.